if i have to overhear another woman complain about the size of her thighs, i will throw something.  jenny SMASH!  nobody cares.  nobody’s looking.  and all you’re doing is chipping away at your power.

why don’t we women ever brag about the strength of our thighs?  how about the powerhouse that our asses are?  or the force of our guts?

“she’s a strong woman.”  you know who gets called strong women?  women who are strong in CHARACTER.  those of us who have sustained abuse and come out through the other side.  i admire us, yes, i do.

but what about the women who can deadlift twice their bodyweight?  or those who can run for 100 miles?  or those who can wrestle without minding their face in someone’s dirty pit?  where are the blackbelts?  where are the weightlifters?  the triathletes?  or just,even better, those who go outside and make a hill their bitch with an all out sprint?  where are the women who ENJOY being physically active, who don’t view it as working out but all out play and an expression of what it means to be human?

welcome to my blog.  i dedicate it to the women strong enough to shatter cultural stereotypes and roles about what women are supposed to be.  i’ll share the things that i know about being wild, about being strong.  fine, i will probably lose weight as i get stronger and wilder.  but, if that’s your life goal, go somewhere else because you bore me.  this is the story of how i’m becoming my own shera by exploring what it is to be wild…by embodying the wild woman as i define her.

trust me, i’ve got a ways to go.  right now, i’m a plump 37 year old single mom who was in a bad car accident a year and a half ago, have been more comfortable being an overstressed bag of emotional upheaval than a zen warrior, but as i sniff the aroma of 40 around the bend, it’s time to change all that.  it’s time for me to get strong.  get wild.

and, boys, just cuz i’m a girl doesn’t mean you can’t learn a thing or two, so follow along, too.  after all, i read and learn from shit written for you, y’know.

this is probably gonna be messy, dirty, and stinky…but it’s gonna be fun.  if it isn’t fun for me, i hope it’s fun for you as you witness my shenanigans.

let’s do this shit.