1. noun /wīld/ 

      1. A natural state or uncultivated or uninhabited region
        • – kiwis are virtually extinct in the wild
      2. A remote uninhabited or sparsely inhabited area
        • – he spent a year in the wilds of Canada

      adjective /wīld/
      wilder, comparative; wildest, superlative

      1. (of an animal or plant) Living or growing in the natural environment; not domesticated or cultivated
      2. (of people) Not civilized; barbarous
        • – the wild tribes from the north
      3. (of scenery or a region) Desolate-looking
        • – the wild coastline of Cape Wrath
      4. Uncontrolled or unrestrained, esp. in pursuit of pleasure
        • – she went through a wild phase of drunken parties and desperate affairs
      5. Haphazard, esp. rashly so
        • – a wild guess
      6. Extravagant or unreasonable; fanciful
        • – who, even in their wildest dreams, could have anticipated such a victory?
      7. Stormy
        • – the wild sea
      8. Very enthusiastic or excited
        • – I’m not wild about the music
      9. Very angry
      10. (of looks, appearance, etc.) Indicating distraction
        • – her wild eyes were darting back and forth
      11. (of a playing card) Deemed to have any value, suit, color, or other property in a game at the discretion of the player holding it
    this is lifted from merriam-webster’s dictionary.  i put the most relevant ones in bold so that we can understand where i’m coming from.
    i particularly like #4 and #9.  angry is something that a lot of women don’t allow themselves to get.  anger is something i hold in for days, sometimes years and then kablooey!  a house gets trashed in rage or worse, it never goes kablooey and i’m sitting in the dark somewhere, rocking in a fetal position, hoping that my heart would just stop.  true story.
    and, we often, if not always forget that getting healthy (or getting back to healthy-we’ve all been there!) is best done with a fabulous pursuit of pleasure.  i really do get a kick out of lifting something heavier than i could last week or eating foods that make my body sing.  it feels good.  approaching health from a wild perspective is a highly sensual experience.
    of course, the first few words: “in a natural state” are the ones that will really be thematic for this blog.  we’ll discover together what that is.  hint: it’s not this.
    but, i must admit, #11 is my very favorite.  life is a game, really.  it is meant to be played with gusto and whatever cards you’re holding right now, it’s up to you to deem them valuable.  whatever value you ascribe to your life is the value it will have.  you may not be the dealer in the game, but trust me, you have my permission to make up the rules.  everything that you see in society, everything that you read, everything that you eat, everywhere that you go, every event you attend was MADE UP by someone.  your life is yours to make up, too.  also, true story.