okay, not all night.  all day.  ALL day it felt like.

i love the freedom of being able to drive from one country to the next.  i’m in montreal right now.  the road signs are all in french, the people walking around come in all shades, it FEELS wonderfully not american and people are all talking…well, they claim it’s french, but we know it’s truly quebequois.

i felt that i was in the car all day today.  when i got to my destination, my friend wasn’t home from work yet so i grabbed my keys, my wallet (ID), my phone and slapped my vibrams onto my cave girl paws and headed up the street to a park nearby.

the sky was blue, the air was crisp….if i could bite into it, it would have snapped and tasted like a granny smith apple, and kids were just letting out from school.  they were coming out in rivers.  i could tell that they felt like i did: free after being pent up for too long.

the park is about 5 blocks away.  when i got there, there were dapper middle eastern men walking small dogs, a stylish chinese couple, lean and twin-like in their hip androgyny.  there were some african ladies huddled together and right across the street was a school yard with screaming high schoolers.

i allowed my feelings to guide my “workout” and played like a little kid.  there were rocks, boulders actually that i jumped onto and from.  i ran from tree to tree, hiding behind the bigger ones.  i was about to climb a couple, but all the bottom branches had been cut off and i started to realize that a 38 year old woman clutching her wallet, keys and cellphone racing through a small city park, hiding behind trees could give the wrong idea.

i gathered myself with as much decorum as i could muster and walked home.  panting a little, feeling brand new.