i hope you all had a lovely weekend far away from the computer, close to the outside and the ones you love.

saturday was my 38th birthday.  two year until 40 and i expect to be in better shape, health and fitness then.

yesterday, the day was windy and rainy but my 5 year old friend and i rushed to the park during a lull in the drizzle to kick a football around (soccer ball for you americans).

i’m at my best friend’s house in montreal and i’m here to declutter, organize, and clean her home.  since she’s my friend, i’m also rearranging her furniture while we talk about all sorts of things.  full disclosure: this friend really has helped me immensely in overcoming a lot of my self-destructive behaviors, not the least of these is a wildly dysmorphic body image and eating habits that bordered on full disorder.

she’s also a fitness freak like me.

what is fitness, really, anyway?  we can talk about it in the darwininan sense, often misunderstood, that states that the one fittest to one’s environment will survive.  or we can talk about it in the “why we workout” sense.

while we will be dipping, nay plunging, into evolutionary fitness at some point, today i want to talk about why we workout.

this is what we have mostly agreed are the measurements of fitness:

muscular strength:ability to move something through a certain distance

muscular endurance: how long you can exert said force

power: (my FAVORITE!) how much force can you exert in a specific time, work divided by time equals power

cardiovascular endurance: your body’s ability to supply muscles with oxygen over an extended activity

speed: how fast you can do a movement again and again

coordination: combining movements to make it look like one, NOT this

balance: being able to control your center of gravity, men please control that at all times unless i’m in the mood

flexibility: range of motion

tomorrow, i will be writing about my necro-crush‘s views on fitness and then we’ll tackle one more view point before we have a little talk.