sorry i wasn’t here yesterday, all three of my readers, i was living my other life as the queen of THROW IT AWAY!

so, we have covered the measurements of fitness and one skill based view of fitness, the last one i wanted to cover is being fit enough to save your own life.  these were first defined by earle liederman in his book endurance that he wrote in 1926.  they are as follows:

1. be able to swim at least a half mile (in open water, i would specify)

2. be able to run full-out fast for at least 200 meters.

3. be able to jump over things higher than your waist

4. be able to do 15-20 pull-ups (i would modify this to being able to pull yourself and someone who is one your back up to a safe place over your head)

5. dip between two chairs at least 25 times (which i guess would mean you’d be able to pull yourself and someone else up through a crevasse)

this view is a little more goal oriented in that it has specific benchmarks.

i would add the ability to disable an assailant (a quick knee to the groin or a body backed punch to the jaw: if you can get that jaw bone a little bit unhinged, the person will pass out, or a quick upward strike to the nose.  CAUTION: that last one can be lethal, so only use it when you’re really really serious)

i would also add that it would be nice if you could save someone else’s life while you’re at it.  as women, we are often responsible for the littlest people around.  a lot of us are moms and have the need to save those smaller than us.  it would be great if we didn’t have to wait to hand them off to someone stronger in an emergency but could handle be our own and our children’s heroes.

tomorrow will be a little wrap up but i’d LOVE to hear about what your favorite fitness philosophies are.