i have not had a chance to post these past couple of days.  it’s been the nineties in my life lately.

i had to spend some time on my back, feeling closed in, listening to bad techno and wondering how my brain got me into another one of these situations.  i had to have an mri the other day (tuesday).

since a bad car accident happened over a year ago landing me with a bruised noggin,i’ve been getting bad headaches, have felt tired, nay, exhausted most days and feel that i’ve lost a rather large part of my personlity (mainly my sense of humor and desire to be around other humans).  that dragged on a little too long, so into the coffin like machine i was wheeled after a consultation with a neurologist.

because of my claustrophobia, (don’t analyze me) the nurse was kind enough to put a cloth over my eyes when she immobilized my head to slide me into the tight quarters.  because i taught yoga once upon a time, i knew how to breathe deeply and with purpose.  that and earplugs, combined with having been married to a guy who thought pulsating noise equaled music got me through the 45 minutes of 3-4 minute at a time scans.  that magnetic resonance imaging shit is LOUD.

the only thing that really affected me was when they slipped the dye into my prepared i.v. site.  it took me 5 seconds to want to vomit.  i had a little button to press when i felt distressed.  i SQUOZE it hard.  they pulled me out and the nurse offered up the trash can.  but, the nausea passed just as quickly as it started, and i was able to finish up the scans.

although nobody was very forthcoming about what that dye was exactly, they were happy to inform me that that reaction was incredibly rare.  great.

so, now, i wait (why does the medical community put you in a panic to get tests done but take their sweet molasses in january time getting the results back?) to hear about how scrambled my noodle is.

so, that’s where i’ve been.  no workouts and had to have comfort food last night to calm myself.  (oh, we’ll be talking about food and it’s many uses soon, kids!)

so….tomorrow we’ll be back to our regularly scheduled programming.