is there a better time to commit oneself to the path of wildness than may?  i don’t think so.  here, things are blooming, barefooting is possible again, and the call of the outdoors is loud above all other noises….or maybe that’s just the bears finding the trash in the middle of the night.  true story.

beltane is also known as may day.  in paganism (which can be easily described by anything not christian), this is the day that mirrors halloween.  halloween is all about our ancestors, beltane is about fertility and our descendants.  it is about the wild romping…i always think of the wild things around this time of year and wanting to be where they are.

i celebrated beltane well this weekend.  with a new friend, with my family… mating with a stag god, sadly, but we certainly feasted.  i would normally sleep outside on the eve of beltane, but this is my first may 1st in vermont and my blood has not thickened to the molasses like consistency required to make it through the night without freezing.  we walked through the woods with my dog for a couple hours.  then, we made up some local meat burgers (no bread), cole slaw, baked sweet potatoes, wine, and chocolate ice cream…mouthfuls of food between mouthfuls of laughter.

sunday, we brunched and caught the very last bits of an all-species parade.  everyone dressed as their favorite animal and got to witness the stag god marry the spring goddess.  there was of course a maypole.

all in all, this day is the perfect day to decide to be as wild as possible every day.

read this post to start with me the discussion of what that means in a concrete way.