here are the goals that i have as i embark on this path:

daily goals:

1. spend more time outside than i do in (if anybody has great job ideas where i could get paid to be outside, please hit me up with any and all ideas)

2. eat like a cavegirl

3. sleep at least 8 1/2 hours every night

strength/fitness goals:

1. squat 1 1/2 times my bodyweight (can it be done by lil ol’ me?  we’ll see…)

2. swim a mile in open water

3. finish a sprint triathlon….maybe this one?

4. be able to climb a tall tree really quickly

5. dance a lot (a lot.)

skills acquisition goals:

1. make jerky and pemmican

2. hunt and skin/butcher a buck (of the deer kind…calm down gentlemen)

3. get proficient with a bow and arrow

4. be able to build a fire the old, old fashioned way…basically one step away from waiting for lightening to strike in just the right place

5. be able to navigate using the sky (where the heck is north?  since the second grade when i found out it just wasn’t up i’ve had issues.)

i have a shit ton more.  i’ll be adding a page of just my goals and hopefully tick them off one by one.

i’m so curious what you want to be able to do.  comment away.