i allowed my gym membership to lapse.  yes, i did.  well, i have a membership at another, far less convenient gym that doesn’t have the things i like to do (pool, climbing wall) that i made the mistake of signing a contract with.  kids…say no to the gym contract.  it is harder to get out of than marriage.  trust me, i’d know.

anyhoo, the one gym that i was going to nearly every weekday is no longer receiving my money nor my funnily-clad presence.

it is a little panicky not to belong to a gym.  doesn’t every health conscious person worth their weight in seaweed wraps belong to a gym?  not this wild woman.

there are a couple contributing factors to this decision.  one, it is gorgeous outside.  i can be outside for a couple hours with no fear of losing toes, ears or nipples.  secondly, my workout partner (see below) has been so restless with nothing to do that we’ve had to resort to anti-anxiety medication.  he needs to run!  third, and i believe i’ve mentioned this, i hate the general gym environment.  faces drag, people religiously monitor their calories burned, no one is really having a good time.  even during zumba, there is a general lack of booty fun because the message of DANCE has been overshadowed by AEROBICS.

in celebration of my gymless self, i went for a hike.  in the woods.  near the river.  i literally went over the river and through the woods, people.  i slid down a hill.  i jumped from rock to rock over rushing water.  i ducked under low-lying branches.  i hopped over even lower-lying fallen trees.  i used the trunk of a fallen tree as a balancing beam over the water.  i scrambled up the hill.  the whole time i did this, my sense were on high alert.

i’ve heard the bears rummaging through my trash lately so i know they’re out.  i was aware of their existence.  the terrain went from deep humus to rushing snow-melt river to boulders to mossy  trail to gravel.  the light moved from full-on sun to dappled shade.  sometimes i had to take my sweater off because i was sweating and then i’d have to put it back on because i was cold.  i did all this wearing these and keeping a hold of him:

all three of my readers, i felt alive.  yes, my muscles were a little sore.  yes, i was out of breath.  these things happened in the gym, too.  but my whole being was present outside.  all of me got a workout, my mind, my senses, my muscles, my animal self…..i was wild.