yeah, me neither.  maybe smarter isn’t the right word.  wiser might be more appropriate.  of course, some people might think that a cat is at the pinnacle of wisdom.  others will say horses (hi, m!) and others will say whatever other animal they like to spend time with.

let me explain.

when it comes to health, animals just are.  they don’t count their calories.  they don’t weigh and analyze the micro or macro nutrients in their meals.  they don’t wear pedometers.  they don’t have to.  their bodies are their personal trainers, personal nutritionists, and life coaches.  generally, they only get sick if we the people intervene.  (apparently, cancer is not found in nature anywhere but among people and their pets.  someone google this for this lazy blogger to verify.)

my two greatest inspirations on this wild woman path are my dog and my cat.  both in slightly different ways.

my dog doesn’t stress about his weight.  he doesn’t worry if moving the way dogs move is the workout of the moment of not.  he doesn’t wear certain shoes to run and others to walk and still others to hike.  he wears his feet because his feet work.  he doesn’t complain about walking in the rain, runs out a full speed when he wants to and just sits down and refuses to move when he’s done.  he’ll sleep for hours when he needs to and plays like a puppy even though he’s technically older than me.

my cat is my hero because he just doesn’t give a shit.  he gets what he wants without apology.  the other night, i heard him growling in my laundry basket.  he’d caught a bird.  a few minutes of crunching and all that was left was a content cat and a few feathers.  at other times, he sits on the valley between my ribs and my hips and purrs.  he teaches me that fierceness and deep tenderness can live in the same creature.  it lives in all of us.  the more we try to deny either one, the less whole we all are.

so much of what we’re taught about being fit, healthy is really bullshit thought up in an advertising meeting.  you don’t need to buy the right shoes to go for a walk.  you don’t need to buy packaged food, formulated to have the right ratio of bla bla to yada yada.  you don’t need to count calories.  you don’t need to monitor your heart rate.

just listen to your inner pussy and do it doggie style.  get out of your cultured brain and back into your wild body.  it knows when it wants to race across the beach at full tilt.  it knows when it wants to eat half a roast turkey.  it knows when it wants a chopped salad.  it knows when it needs an extra hour of sleep or when the sunrise beckons.  it knows how to move, honey, it really does.  that’s why it was all put together the way it was.  cats are clearly predators and sensual masters.  dogs are seekers of playful pleasure and notorious nappers.  people are powerful movers and dynamite dancers.  we thrive on fresh air and in the words of frank forencich, being “massaged by the biosphere”.

take off your leash, open the front door, step outside in your bare feet and let your body lead you.