since wednesdays kind of suck all around, i decided that they would be the days that i blog about depression.

today, we will learn the opposite game.

it’s played when depression’s voice is the loudest one you can hear in your head.  you’ll know when that happens.  it’s not necessary when you still have the capacity to hear your own loving voice counter negative thoughts, but once all you can hear is the eloquent droning (somewhat like a rather pompous preacher’s sermon) of your depression, it’s time to play.

here’s how it goes:

1. depression tells you to do something

2. you do the opposite

one symptom of depression is feeling overwhelmed so i kept the guidelines of the game to a minimum.

“wild woman, can you give me an example?”

hellz to the ya, i can!

scenario one:

it’s ten in the morning and all depression wants to do is stay in bed with the curtains drawn, under the covers.

 opposite game: get up, take a quick shower, wear something clean, and take a walk.

scenario two:

it’s dinner time and all depression wants to do is eat a german chocolate cake

opposite game: sautee that steak you thawed in butter, plop some salad greens onto your plate and eat

scenario three:

depression’s got “i suck” on a playback loop in the brain

opposite game: “i’m pretty awesome” is repeated like a mantra

since, i’m playing along, it’s time for me to get up and get some lunch.  (gluten and dairy free!)