i had thought of taking the train into nyc, but my cousins talked some sense into me and we took in the festivities of first night in saratoga springs instead.

the night before we went snowboarding.  i did an epic side flip off the lift and landed in unfrozen marsh muck.  it was my first time taking the lift to a mountain top.  i did great but almost half-way down, all of my old dancer injuries decided to pipe up.  so, i unstrapped my board and did the booty scooch the rest of the way.  it only took me about 30 minutes.

it was with relief that my bruised body didn’t have to face the hour drive to albany, the 3.5 hour train ride, the subway transfer, the being corralled into a pen, the drunken puking, the waiting and doing that all again at 7 in the morning after no sleep.  instead, i was chauffered (fancy way of saying i bummed a ride with my cousin-in-law and the family in the mini-van) to the springs.

we caught some of the window performers:

some god-awful belly dancing except for this woman who saved it for me:

a great dance fusion group, an irreverent animal handler, and the fireworks.

i did not get a new year’s kiss even though i was scanning the crowds for a worthy random but i intend to rectify that by new year’s 2013.

this morning, i finished up the 20-30 gallons of pumpkin soup (seriously,there is SO much!) i started yesterday, because that is the de rigueur first meal of the year for all good haitian girls and boys.