today was one of those days where i don’t feel i got much done at all, but apparently i did because i’m exhausted.

to do lists are the bane of my existence.  but this is today’s done list:

1. hike the hill with kenai (the dog)

2. bring in a couple loads of wood for the woodstove

3. drive two hours to take my son to his sixth flight lesson

4. read two books while waiting (yes, i do read this fast)

5. iron out part of a bad banking issue

6. get my weekly liver meal in

7. drive two hours back

8. get cat food

9. go to zumba

10. cook cheesey eggs for a five year old

11. brush my teeth before bed (this one gets skipped more than i want to admit!)

12. have my tea

13. do a blog entry

not the most riveting writing i’ve ever done, but it appeases that little critic inside me that needs proof of accomplishment to be silently smug.