okay, so this is called the wild woman PROJECT.  what’s that all about, right?

i’ve decided to be my own guinea pig.  the glorious bruce lee said: “knowing is not enough, we must apply.  willing is not enough, we must do.” (by the way, i used to have a t-shirt with bruce lee’s face emblazoned across the front in crushed velvet.  it was two sizes too small so it was my “boobs lee” t-shirt.  i lost it.  i loved that thing.  my birthday is april 16th so if anyone would love to make my day……..)

where was i?  thoughts of bruce lee always distract me and make me think of my own boobs.

yeah: knowledge isn’t enough….i know some shit about health and fitness.  i know that living in a way that can closely simulate the ways we lived since we first became a species is the way to go.  but, i haven’t applied it.

i guess i wasn’t willing.  yes, being a wild woman sets you apart from the pack.  we are hardwired not to want to be too far apart from the pack.  a lion can easily pick you off that way.  so, i’m hoping to do two things: get fit enough to outrun the fuckin’ lion and create a pack that wants to run along with me.  you can dig as deeply as you want for the lion metaphor: aches, pains, too much fat, too little muscle, feeling old, feeling bored, whatever your lion is.

so, here’s the project: i am going to apply the things that i know.  i learned most of this stuff from here and here, as well as a shit ton of other places (resource list coming soon!) but also, when i really pay attention, my body is a pretty kickass teacher…

play along with me on this project.  please don’t have a boring goal like “i want to lose 20 pounds.” or “i want to fit into the jeans i graduated from high school in”.  here’s why: people lose 20 pounds in a lot of different ways: chemotherapy, anorexia, POW camp….do you see where i’m going with this?  and if high school is as far away from now for you as it is for me, those jeans are FUGLY.

instead, how about: “i want to be able to squat my body weight” or “i want to know what every corner of my town looks like from the seat of my bike” or “i want to know i can defend myself if i have to” or “i want to win a race against my kids” or “i want to hike the appalachian trail” or “i want to learn to kiteboard” or “i want to go three rounds with a trained boxer”.  whatever.

i have several specific goals that i will share with you soon, but, the general goal is to apply what i know about being a wild woman.  boys, play along and be wild, too.

sadly, the first image that comes to mind when the phrase “wild woman” is read is the boobs (oh, bruce why did you have to go so young!) flashing drunk girl on spring break.  again…BORING.  instead, i think of the Dahomean warrior women, from who i descend.  i think of diana the huntress.  i think of the amazon.  but, you know, with more of a sense of humor.

so, let’s get wild, strong, and let’s have a grand ol’ time playing at it.