i’ve decided to do this (albeit not nearly as well!), but i was so inspired.  hopefully, december 31st’s picture shows marked improvement in my photography skills.

january 1

this is walter.  he is awesome.  i got to pet him without pissing him off on new year’s day.  he didn’t change color so that means he didn’t mind.  i figure a year that starts with petting a chameleon can’t be all that bad.

january 2

this stuff just gets better.

january 3

after weeks of ignoring me, louis finally decides to toss me a bone.

january 4

dev just logged his sixth hour in the sky.  34 more to go for his first pilot’s license!

january 5

nerd alert: the dr. who christmas special finally gets the attention it deserves!

january 6

the wood pile that gives me my heavy lifting workout.  i love this wood pile.

january 7

not the best picture…but the BEST picture.  devin call it “the fat man”.